Rouista Tzoumerka Resort , Ξενοδοχείο στα Τζουμέρκα



Yes, flavors are a key part of any trip. No trip is considered complete if you do not taste the delicacies of each place.

Because, the cuisine of each place tells its story.

"Gastronomy for us is a way of communication, a way of speaking in the heart of each other"
Enhancing all the local traditional recipes with modern touches, we expect you to travel to a special tasty destination. So enjoy the menu that we have created with a lot of love in the warm environment of Rouista Tzoumerka Resort.

Do not forget to try the sweets and the traditional pies made from the hands of Sotiria

“The gastronomy of Rouista Tzoumerka Resort, thanks to the pure raw materials of Epirus land, offers traditional food, full of aromas and flavors, thus uniquely enriching the unique cultural identity of the region.”

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