Rouista Tzoumerka Resort , Ξενοδοχείο στα Τζουμέρκα


Easy, family hiking

Hiking and kids. Why not? As long as you choose one of the easier routes and let yourselves enjoy the magic of nature and the adventures of your little hikers. The first route that we propose is circular, easy and beautiful.

Beginning from Rouista, we head towards the stone built, local primary school and we come across the first small bridge. Around this area there used to be a watermill…. Now we can only see the stone building. We ascend and we admire the beautiful, traditional, stone houses, characteristic of the local architecture, that usually come alive during summer when families are reunited at their place of origin.

Sssshhhhh… listen! This hiking route is full of melodies. Listen to the sound of running water, the leaves of these majestic trees, the singing of the birds… As we pass by the single-arch bridge we fill our senses. Are you thirsty? The Barda fountain offers its cool water to its visitors since 1926! Back then, there used to be a sign as well that wrote: “I bring you my crystal waters from the mountains and I take away the fire from your lighted guts”. Maybe we will see the sign at its place one day. We are doing our best! Coolness, rest, rejuvenation and we move on! This time through a narrow path that leads us to the village where Marina, the beautiful horse, welcomes us.


Look around you and spot the tiny, wooden sign for “Leptokaria”. The fascinating route continues through a dense fir forest, parallel to the river, in order to reach the Leptokaria Fountains. The little adventurers will feel as leading characters in a fairytale, waiting for the elves and fairies to come out. And the spectacle gets even more impressive as you reach the water that falls with urge from the rocks and the “magical” fountain that springs water from the earth. The stone benches are there to offer you rest and comfrot as you admire the beauties of nature and enjoy your goodies that you have brought with you. Time for a pic-nic in the forest.


Our cyclical route moves on to its second part, leaving the Leptokaria Fountains behind us, and walking through narrow paths to the famous fountains of the village Krustallo – Arhonto. The crystal Tzoumerka waters gush through a plethora of traditional, stone fountains. Be careful though as according to tradition, whoever drinks water from the Krustallo and Arhonto fountains, will get married at Vourgareli village! Two fountains with four and seven “mouths” accordingly, stone masterpieces of the area. A few steps away, there is the elevated central square of the village, surrounded by plane trees, that offer their precious shadow, its fountains, the imposing Saint Nicholas church and of course the traditional places for food and drinks. During summer, the book exhibition of the local association is also hosted in this square. Our last stop, another beautiful bridge -Korais- and we are back to Rouista.

Offer the gift of nature to yourselves and your families. Spread the love of nature to your children and they will be grateful for as long as they live. Ask us at Rouista and we will propose the exact routes that fit your needs and preferences.

Photos: Stathis Koutsiaftis


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