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Discover Vourgareli village

Your daily routine and the fast paced life getting you tired and exhausted? You need more time for meaningful relaxation and rejuvenation?

An excursion to the village will soothe your mind, awake childhood memories and remind you all those of what the city has made you forget!

So, let’s go to travel and get to know one of the villages of Tzoumerka that will relax you and rejuvenate you.

Vourgareli is located in the North Southern Tzoumerka mountains at an altitude of 800m and is built on the fringes of the Tzoumerka.  Picturesque and traditional as it is, it is surrounded by lush greenery, traditional stone houses, stone fountains and plenty of water sources.

As for the origin of its name, nothing is for sure. However, it is most likely that its name traces back to a logger called Voulgarelis. Many associate the name with the sound of the rising water, as the area has many sources.

Vourgareli captivates with its landscape and its authenticity. The location of the village is perfect for hiking trails, easy walks. Εven can satisfy the most demanding guest, by climbing to the summit of Tzoumerka.

Epirus Region is famous for the bridges. So, in the most important sights of the village, some of the stone arched bridges are included. Give time to yourself to enjoy their cobbled streets, let go of your thoughts and enjoy the sounds and the colors of nature.

In the village you will have the opportunity to taste the water directly from the springs, one of them is the fountain Leptokarya, hidden in an oasis of firs, an ideal spot for reflection and reconstruction.

As you will walk through the elevated paved square and the cobbled street, the sound of water will lead you to the famous and unique beauty, stone-built fountains “Archonto” and “Krystallo”. Tradition holds that whoever drinks water from these fountains is destined to get married in Vourgareli! You should ask the locals to learn the truth! Ask the suffers, they will know better.

If you want to learn about the rich history of the village, two of the most important monuments of the area, of Ag.Georgios and the Byzantine Red Church, are wait you to visit and to get know them.

And if you think you will not find a cradle of culture and art in the village, the Tzoumerka art cell will deny you. There you will travel with the photos of Kostas Balafas, admire some folklore objects and come closer to the cultural heritage of the place.

As for your accommodation you don’t need to worry about. Rouista Tzoumerka Resort will remind you of the majesty of nature and the famous hospitality of the Epirus area.

Rouista team will take on the role of the host and will provide you with a unique experience. They will guide you to the well-kept secrets of the area.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go to the village, let’s go to Tzoumerka, let’s go to Rouista!


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