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Chocolate and Wine Pairing at Tzoumerka

At Rouista we love to organize special events for our guests. We organized a special moment to welcome the Fall. This time we had a special theme. Pairing with chocolate and wine!

Many people believe that wine does not match with chocolate, but if you choose the right wine for the right chocolate, the sequence is delicious!

Our special guest in this experience was Cocoowa chocolates and their creator George Zarzonis. A photographer, devilish traveler and artist (literary) chocolatier!

Among George’s 12 chocolates, none compare to each other. You will taste chocolate with smoked robe, macha tea, roasted coffee beans, candy and maca, lemon grass and honey, rosemary and mastic, brandy, Mexican spices, cranberry and herbs even more vanilla with chips potatoes!

Each kind of chocolate is packaged in an envelope, that shows (depicting) a photo of the artist, it is wrapped in oil paste (more environmentally friendly than aluminum foil) and folded in such a way that it resembles a letter. So every time you open a Cocoowa, you feel like you’ve just received a chocolate letter!

Accompanying to this wonderful evening were the wineries Zefki and Εvdoxia!

Zefki is a winery that is located in the village Vathikampos next to Arachthos river and satisfy each guest as it reminds of an earthly paradise!

There you can find Kostas Vasiliou wines, the creator of the estate, who left the big city and returned to his native land to plant the seed, which he had kept in his mind and heart for decades. White, rose and red varieties that match the locality such as Muscat of Alexandria, Hamburg and also Cabernet and Merlot are some of the wines you can taste in Zefki.

Eudoxia, is located in Platanousa village (next to the valley of Arachthos) in Tzoumerka area and is created by Kostas Dalitas and his wife Panagiota Skargiotis.

Dry white from the rare variety Skiadopoulos, red from the Cabernet Sauvignon variety and also from the extremely rare Augustian variety are some of the wines that someone can taste.

Pairing with Chocolate and wine, experimentation and ‘tasting’ lessons!

The intensity, the bitterness and at the same time the sweetness and the great addition of the different flavors of the chocolate combined perfectly with the different wine intensity. The combination took off the flavor and our guests had an unforgettable and different gastronomic experience!

Photos: George KaragiannisEpirus Adventures

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