Rouista Tzoumerka Resort , Ξενοδοχείο στα Τζουμέρκα


Tzoumerka mountains is in the North Western Greece, between 2 airports, Aktio & Ioannina. Close to Τzoumerka there are 3 big cities, Ioannina, Arta,Trikala.

One of the most known and alternative mountains in Greece. In this region it is stretching across the National Park of Tzoumerka  that has certification of the europarc federation for sustainable tourism in protected areas. In the area there are some of the great and rare mammals of Greece. With luck someone can meet bears, wolves, deer and other smaller species.

Tzoumerka is a set of beautiful and traditional villages, surrounded by gorges and Cliffs Mountains.

Tzoumerka offer you the opportunity to visit many stone monasteries  with varied architectural styles and rythms and particularly traditional religious paintings.

Ιt is a mountain paradise that combines everything and offers unique experiences for every visitor whatever he is looking for.

At Tzoumerka you can feel the wild beauty of greek nature , you will admire the landscapes, the waterfalls, the view of the mountains, the crystal clear rivers. You will feel the tradition and the history.

Some of the Villages at Tzoumerka are, Vourgareli, Theodoriana, Agnanda, Athamanio, Katarraktis, Melisourgi, Pramanda, Matsouki


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