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St. George Monastery

The monastery of Agios Georgios is located on the northern side of Vourgareli, surrounded by forest with fir trees. It is the ornament of the village and one of the most important sites in the mountain range of Tzoumerka. It was founded in c.1690 and restored in 1714 according to an inscription found on the wall between the pronaos and the katholikon. It’s great reputation is due to the great and invaluable national offer, since during the hard times of the Turkish rule, in the difficult years of the Ottoman domination, he was the national, religious and spiritual center of the whole region of Tzoumerka.

In 1957 it was considered a preserved historic monument. During the last few years in the monastery, it takes place a representation of the revolution against the Turks in Tzoumerka that took place on May 15, 1821.